Prime Rib Vs. Ribeye Roast

While prime rib and ribeye might sound similar, the two types of meat with distinctive features. The only thing common to the two products is that they are from an area near the ribs of an animal.

The prime rib and ribeye taste, look and feel different, but they share server similarities, especially how to cook and serve both cuts.

For those wondering about the significant differences of prime rib vs rib eye, this article will provide reasons why you should lean more towards one product than the other.

What and where does ribeye come from?

This cut of meat is known by several names. Some people refer to it as rib steak while others prefer the common name ribeye.

Regardless of the numerous names, it’s often called, the same meat is being referred to. This cut of beef comes from an animal rib area, and to be more specific the rib roast. Initially, ribeye always comes with rib bones which are then removed to become rib eye steak.

In summary, ribeye is a cut of steak without the rib bones from the rib roast.

What and where does prime rib come from?

This cut of meat comes from the same area as the rib eye— the rib area.

Although they are from the same area of the animal, both cuts of meat are nothing alike.

The difference between them is the time at which they extracted. Prime rib is extracted after the rib roast has been cooked and ribeye before preparing the rib roast.

In simple words, prime ribs are steaks larger than the rib eye since they include the bone and ribeye steak.

Ribeye and prime rib – are they the same?

As stated above, both ribeye and prime rib a cut from a cow’s rib. However, the prime rib is usually a larger stick since it includes larger pieces of bone. Also, the rib eye is a small stick with little or no pieces of bone.

As the name implies, a prime rib is extracted from the best rib part, which is usually between the 7th and 11th bones. This rib section is full of thick, flavorful and rich marbled meat. This cut of meat that is a prime rib is then sliced into smaller chunks known as rib eyes.

Unlike the rib eye, the prime rib is a steak with a big hunk of meat. Not in all cases is the rib eye extracted from the prime part of the rib, and also it does not always include muscle and fat of a prime rib.

In conclusion, the typical difference between these two cuts is that a ribeye is gotten from a prime rib, and lacks the surrounding meat featured on a prime rib.

Texture Difference

Obviously, the differences in texture are as a result of various methods of cooking. The prime rib contains a heck of ribeye, fat and muscles. Therefore you should expect a softer texture due to all of this fat. Also, the prime rib is typically a bone-in steak, which means it offers more moisture than a ribeye.

Furthermore, the ribeye steak comes from a less prime rib portion which makes it slightly tougher. This is as a result being called from an area the cow exercise mostly.


Prime rib and ribeye are known for their beef flavour since they come from an area close to the rib. However prime rib is a bit more flavorful than the rib eye as it comes with extra fat and bone. The fat marbled through the rib cap, therefore, offering a Buttery flavour.

While the prime rib is not as mild as the ribeye, if cooked correctly can also be flavorful. This cut of steak can offer unusual flavour not as much as a shank but enough to lean away from the tenderloin.

Cooking Methods

The significant differences between both cuts are due to their different cooking methods and cooking time.

Generally, the prime rib is cut into a roast and cooked at low temperature for a long while. On the other hand, the rib eye is a steak cooked for a short time at a high to medium temperature.

When it comes to grilling when it comes to pan searing or grilling ribeye steaks are the ideal choice. They can withstand high temperature and are usually thicker than most types of steak.

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